Yoga came to me 5 years ago in London when I was feeling very lost in my busy work and personal life. Since practising yoga I started to bring discipline into my life and became more in tune with my thoughts and feelings.

As well as my strength and flexibility my posture has also greatly improved. The more I practise, the more this transcends to other areas of my life. 

Ty Yoga was created when I moved to Glan y Dwr with my husband. As soon as we saw the house we fell in love with its position. The woodland and brook that surround the property created such a beautiful and tranquil spot. It was here that I wanted to create a yoga studio, somewhere that could provide a meeting point of similar minds and encourage the local communities to get inspired. 

I have completed a 200hr teacher training with a registered yoga school in London which specialises in Ashtanga vinyasa; a style of yoga which is active and dynamic. I have since trained with other teachers who have a more free flowing approach which has deepened my understanding on slower and gentler yoga. My classes are designed to include everyone from different abilities and all walks of life. I hope you find a class which suits you and enjoy the dome as much as I do.